We Give You Options

Not only do we offer you a wide range of protection sizes and styles, we are the only supplier in the industry to carry both new and reconditioned thread protection. We bring you different levels of protection so that you have choices and can select the right product for the right job.

OCTG Thread Protection

New tubing, casing, drill pipe, and sucker rod protection

OCTG Accessories

Pipe chocks, bumper rings, and more

Reconditioned Thread Protection

Wide variety of products inspected and tested for durability

Line Pipe Protection & Flange Covers

Hundreds of sizes and styles of pipe caps and flange covers

Hammer Union & Pup Joint Protection

Full line of the industry's most commonly used sizes

Manufacturing Powerhouse

Caplugs has been a leader in the manufacture of product protection since 1948. Now, as the owner of Tri-Star Protectors, Caplugs brings the power of 200+ molding machines and a new line of thread protection to our customers.

Tri-Star is the only supplier that offers both new and reconditioned thread protection. We believe in giving our customers choices. To ensure our reconditioned product is reliable and durable, we put it through a rigorous 12-point inspection and testing process. Some jobs need new thread protection, but for those that don’t, try our economical reconditioned protectors.